Every country and state has a law that is different from the other. But some laws are so strange that it will surely surprise you. San Francisco has those laws too! What to know what these are? Read this post to learn about it.

Feeding pigeons

You can find pigeons all over San Francisco, but unlike other places where you can feed them, you cannot do it here, especially on the streets. When you visit the place, you’ll even see warnings put up about not feeding pigeons on the road. Because if you are found doing so, and someone files a complaint regarding this action, strict actions could be taken. So, the next time you go there, be careful not to get in trouble due to pigeons!

Feeding pigeons

Killing or catching birds is not allowed

While it may be tempting to go bird hunting or catch a bird and keep it as a pet, just remember that if you do this, legal actions may be taken because it is not allowed. However, some exceptions exist, such as pigeons and other wild birds. If these birds create a nuisance or are a danger to the public’s health, these birds can be caught or killed. San Francisco does not have a soft corner for pigeons.

More than one person can’t enter or stay in a public toilet

According to San Francisco law, entering or staying in a public toilet is prohibited if there is more than one person of 13 years and above already inside. Exceptional cases are only when someone is helping a disabled person. Therefore, it is always suggested to go individually. This is done to make sure that people don’t crowd the space by taking group mirror selfies.

One can’t keep dead bodies on Halloween

On Halloween, people have a lot of creative things to do, and the display of dead bodies is one of the many things that people worldwide do. But doing this in San Francisco is completely illegal. You can’t display dead bodies on the front porch or anywhere around your house. But still, if you are planning to do so, you would need written consent from the deceased and a dead body over 100 years old, which is impossible.

You cannot walk more than eight dogs at once

If you plan to earn a lot part-time by walking as many dogs as possible in the city, you cannot do that. It is again the San Francisco law to walk anywhere more than eight dogs at once. This is a part of the limitations on dog walkers law passed in 2013. Not good news for dog walkers!

You cannot openly carry food around in San Francisco

For all the on-the-go eaters out there, anything that is cooked or baked for human consumption, you cannot carry around openly in the city. You can either take it home or opt for a dine-in restaurant or bakery. If you are caught doing so, you can be fined.