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Product Liability

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San Francisco Product Liability Attorney

Every day, millions of products are released into the US market for sale. Prior to release, these products are to be tested and certified as safe for consumer purchase and use. However, whether not properly tested or released into the market without proper testing, consumers are often faced with injuries related to the use of unsafe or defective products. When you have been injured due to a defective product, you may be unsure of where you can turn for assistance. 


Defective products endanger the lives of consumers. A product can be classified as defective when it exhibits functions and dangers which are not the intended function and are not listed as possible malfunctions or warnings on the product packaging. False marketing may also play a significant role in San Francisco product liability cases because consumers have been encouraged to purchase the product even though prior testing has proven the product has health and safety risks which are not mentioned in conjunction with the product. 


If you or a loved one has been a victim of defective products, this constitutes a breach of law. Our attorneys have worked on several high profile cases related to product liability claims and are ready to evaluate your claim and help you to determine whether or not you may have a case. Let us work with you in order to seek compensation for damages and injuries related to the purchase of a defective product.


Types Of Product Liability Cases Our San Francisco Product Liability Lawyers Handle

When a product is introduced to the consumer market, it is assumed that this product is safe for use and contains information about the proper warnings that may come with use of the product. However, when a product is used as intended by the manufacturer but results in injury or damages to the user, the user may have legal grounds to seek compensation for the negligence and lack of responsibility for the health and safety of the consumer. 


We have a team of product liability lawyers who are more than capable of handling all types of product liability claims. Our law firm handles the following type of cases:


  • Product recalls
  • Defective consumer products
  • Defective vehicle and vehicle components
  • Medical device recalls
  • Defective construction tools and equipment
  • Defective machinery
  • Food products


With regards to product defects, the state of California recognizes only three classifications. These are:


  • Manufacturing defects: These types of defects occur as a result of errors during the manufacturing stage of the product. Such errors as this may be as a result of the manufacturer’s negligence to adequately curate the manufacturing process, ensuring that all safety and health standards are met. In cases like this, such manufactured products are regarded as not safe for use or to operate.
  • Design defects: This kind of defect affects the design of the product. The design flaws of the product make it highly dangerous and put the users at risk. Such design flaws as this may be in the form of improper/lack of safety features on heavy machinery and equipment predisposing users to accidents and injury.
  • Marketing defect or misrepresentation: Manufacturers are expected to clearly state the application of products for consumer use. However, if a product has been incorrectly labeled or offers compromised direction for use, or makes false claims in order to boost sales, then such a product can be regarded as being defective. A product that has been misrepresented, such as anti-aging cream, or one that has failed to report side effects may be considered a defective product.


Such cases as defective product claims can be confusing and this is why our San Francisco lawyers are available to educate you, handle the paperwork, and walk you through the entire process.



Our San Francisco Product Liability lawyers understand that each case is unique and this is why we treat it as such, approaching your case with the utmost professionalism and putting together a fool-proof strategy towards winning for you the compensation you deserve. Call us today!


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