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Train Accidents

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San Francisco Train Accident Attorney

Train accidents can be unpredictably devastating. One of the most devastating aspects of such accidents is the number of lives that are put at risk. Train accidents can cause the death of several hundred people, leaving thousands injured. While a vast majority of train accidents are preventable, most accidents of this nature can be attributed to the negligence of the operator, maintenance team, or company in charge of the train system. 


If you or a loved one has been involved in a train accident leading to injuries, you may be entitled to some form of compensation according to the law. Our San Francisco train accident attorneys understand that losing someone to train accidents or getting injured in train accidents can be devastating and this is why we strive to ensure that you get the appropriate compensation for your loss.


Combining our years of legal experience, courtroom skills, and other resources, we are available to meet with you at your convenience in order to guide you on the legal aspects of your case. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation and case review so that we can help you to determine the value of your claim.


Types Of Train Accident Cases Our San Francisco Train Accident Attorneys Handle

We handle a variety of train accident types, including: 


  • Train accidents involving pedestrians
  • Train derailment accidents
  • Train accidents involving passenger vehicles
  • Train accidents resulting in wrongful death
  • Train accidents involving multiple trains
  • Train accidents caused by equipment malfunctions


Who can be held liable in a train accident case?

As part of the legal representation services we offer, our train accident attorneys will conduct a proper and thorough investigation into your case to enable them to identify the at-fault parties and name them in the claims case.


As part of your train accident claim, we will establish liability and may be able to name either or some of the following as liable for the accident which has led to the initiation of the personal injury case or a wrongful death case.


  • Companies that own and operate the train may be held liable for the damage you have suffered if they have failed to maintain the train, rail, cars, and other equipment which are required for the safe operation of the train. The company may also be held liable if they had hired an unqualified employee who had negligently contributed to the accident due to the lack of technical knowledge or experience. 
  • Train manufacturers or manufacturers of train service parts may also be held liable in a train accident case especially if the accident was as direct result of faulty parts or defective products.
  • Drivers of other vehicles may also be held liable if they had left their vehicle on track without appropriate authorization.


As your train accident attorney, we will work with you at every step of the way, educate you and keep in communication, updating you on the progress of your case till the compensation you deserve is awarded.



Our San Francisco Train Accident lawyers understand that each case is unique and this is why we treat it as such, approaching your case with the utmost professionalism and putting together a fool-proof strategy towards winning for you the compensation you deserve. Call us today!


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