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Workplace Injuries

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San Francisco Workplace Injury Attorney

Workplace accidents are common and happen for a variety of reasons. In most cases, workplace injuries occur as a result of violations of a safety standard or regulation, use of defective equipment or machinery, or due to managerial negligence. In many cases of workplace injuries, complex investigations are required in order to understand and ascertain the at-fault parties.


If you have suffered an injury at your workplace due to the negligence of another person, be it the employers, equipment manufacturers, installers or any other named parties, you may be entitled to a form of compensation benefits known as workers’ compensation.


The amount which you are entitled to in such cases as this, however, depends on the facts of the case, including the type of injury you have suffered and who is considered the at fault party.


Your legal representation

Dealing with workplace injuries can be difficult, especially as you may have to take time away from work to recuperate. During your time away from work, you also lose wages and your finances may suffer grossly due to the medical costs incurred. To offset these costs which are spent towards recuperating from the injury you have sustained at your workplace and due to the negligence of another person, our workplace injury attorneys are ready to take on your case, providing you with the comprehensive legal backing to ensure that you enjoy the compensation benefits which are due to you.


You need a San Francisco worker’s compensation attorney who can stand by you throughout the entire legal process and who is willing to fight for your rights and compensation in your case. 


Workplace Injury cases we handle

With years of experience helping clients get the amount they deserve in compensation for workplace injuries, we are well prepared to handle all cases including:


  • Injuries resulting from fires, explosions, and electrocutions
  • Injuries resulting from the use of defective safety equipment
  • Refinery accident clams
  • And more…


Our attorneys in San Francisco also understand that there are some workplace injury claims which may involve more than one employer. In multi-employer worksite claims – especially related to construction sites, injuries involving employer vehicles, or injuries taking place at the employer’s property – we aim to ensure that all liable parties have been identified and are properly cited in your case. 


Claims Disputes

In some cases, there may be a dispute as to whether or not workplace injuries sustained by an employee are covered under the company’s worker’s compensation package. In such cases, we actively defend the rights of our injured clients, making sure that they are able to receive due compensation for their medical and financial hardship provided by the negligent party. Workers’ Compensation claims can be some of the most aggressive in the legal field, and you need an attorney who can help you navigate these rough legal waters. 


If you have sustained an injury while working at your job and have been denied appropriate compensation for the damages suffered, it is important to speak to our San Francisco Workplace injury attorneys immediately so that we can help you to understand the limitations of your claim and what compensation you may be entitled to. 



Our San Francisco Workplace Injury lawyers understand that each case is unique and this is why we treat it as such, approaching your case with the utmost professionalism and putting together a fool-proof strategy towards winning for you the compensation you deserve. Call us today!


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